Label changeovers interrupt production longer than any other process variation. Despite automation in other areas of the printing operation, set-ups are still a highly manual process. They’re labor-intensive, time-consuming and costly.

That’s about to change. Intelligent Sensing has just released a patented new technology that automates the process of gauging accurate, precise roller pressure – both at set-up and throughout the print run. This new pressure-sensing technology takes the guesswork out of printer settings, vastly reducing the time – and costs – associated with label changeovers.

PrintFicient from Intelligent Sensing is designed to:

Decrease costs from label changeover downtime and associated scrap

Improve printer control for greater quality and consistency throughout the run

Develop statistical trends, per label, for ongoing efficiency improvements

Increase plant and operator productivity

Patented New Technology Provides Critical Automation Where It’s Needed Most

This revolutionary technology is a strain gauge-based data acquisition system that automatically measures the inking roller pressure on your offset or flexographic printing press. The information is used by operators to reduce set-up time and ensure consistent roller pressure throughout the production cycle.

Printficient monitors temperatures, relative humidity, bearing wear and other factors that can affect print consistency, and automatically alters roller pressure to accommodate these variables.

Printficient’s exclusive tracking software records and stores data regarding all pertinent printer specifications throughout the entire run, developing a statistical trend for each job. Once stored, this information is accessed each time a particular label is run to automatically program the printer to optimal specifications.

The result: Shorter set-up, decreased downtime, reduced costs and higher print consistency.

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